About 206

I created 206 Roasters to learn and grow and hopefully pass on some of that information as I travel the crazy coffee world.

I grew up the youngest in a big family at house number 206 where the door was never locked and the coffee was always ready.  Being the youngest, I was the cup filler for everyone which looking back taught me valuable lessons, one of which was the value of how a simple drink could bring people together in happy days and sad.  I didn't know at the time and until not long ago, that simple drink is the complete opposite in the travels from the farm it is grown at origin until it reaches the roastery.  Being the youngest in a large family also created a curiosity in me as to why things are the way they are and how they work.  I'm not content with the answer 'that's how it has always been', I have to know process and experience as much as possible to understand it.  It has turned the simple hot drink into something much more complex and exciting to share with everyone. 

Whether you enjoy your morning cup at home to measuring the grinds to water and extraction time, I want to learn from you, teach you and hopefully introduce you to coffees from around the world that will show you how different coffee can taste from origin to origin.